My name is Max, I am 22 years old and from Germany.

I have been lifting for 8 years and recently started to do Mixed Martial Arts in addition to my fitness lifestyle. I already had some fight sports experience since I did Karate for a few years when I was young. When I first began with fitness, I was around 45 kilograms heavy and 1,65 meter tall. The first thing I focused on was to gain more weight and building more muscle mass. At first, I struggled a lot to do so, but after I figured out how to achieve my goals, I put everything in it to do so. At the beginning I noticed that a lot of people said “stay consistent”, “workout at least four times a week”, “create a meal plan” and “track your calories”.

At this time I didn’t understand what these people were talking about. Once I finally did what they said I was able to understand what they meant. I got myself a proper meal and workout chart and began to improve my physique. Once I saw results, I simply couldn’t stop and after a while, it became a fixed daily schedule. Through all these years I collected a lot of experience and now want to share my knowledge with you.

My future goals are to inspire and help more people to achieve what I did, create a successful business, lead a happy relationship, learn new things, improve my fight sport skills, get a dog and overall live a happy and fulfilling life.


  • Full 12 week diet
  • Full training including cardio
  • Exercises, set and reps
  • Supplement recommendations
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