From a young age I idolised those with great physiques, from professional athletes to wrestling superstars to bodybuilders. In the beginning I was doing track and field for 5-6 years as a 100m sprinter, I won many times the 1st place in Cyprus Juniors. I had an injury in my Achilles tendon and i had to take some time off. In my break I started lifting daily from home, mostly push ups and pull ups and some exercises with dumbbells, when I started seeing results I liked it and started working out in a gym.

I was always a skinny kid around 50-55kg and when my physique was changing it was better feeling for me than running in track not only did I like my look but I was getting stronger.

I tried to go back but I lost my speed and couldn’t keep up with my other team mates. But that was ok, if I had the chance to start lifting earlier I would have taken it as I found my real passion! I always try to do what I love most no matter what.

Reading bodybuilding magazines to try and further my knowledge of how to train in the gym and what to eat outside of it. Using whatever spare cash I had from a part-time job. As soon as I started to apply some of the basics, the gym became more than just ‘my thing’. Everyone started asking me how I’d made my arms bigger and if they could come and train with me.

Getting that feedback so quickly made it all the more addictive.

Before long I had a physique worlds apart from my scrawnier 20 year old self. I started working at the local gym to surround myself with other motivated people who loved to train. That’s when it really took off and I found a whole new direction again. I began to learn more and more about training styles, simple old school and straight forward training is my philosophy over the 10 years experience I have gained.

Bodybuilding for me its an art. Symmetry is my priority and size matters only in the right places.

I’m proud of the physique I’ve built today but I’m always trying to improve, whether that’s another rep on the bench or another lb off on the scales, and I’m grateful to be able to give back to those who enjoy this process as much as I do. Thankyou!


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