My name is Steve Kris – I am from Austria and I am 26 years old.
As a teenager I played 10 years soccer however after a bad injury in my knee I had to stop my soccer career. But I always looked for some new motivation and challenges; so I started to workout and make some Gainz.

First of all I had no idea what to do! Every day was chest & arm day… I really had no idea what to do in the gym so I decided to take up education as a health & fitness coach. After 7 years of training I wanted to hit the stage and I did just that. I got into the best condition of my life and I placed 4th on my first competition.

The process taught me a-lot and mainly that it was not the style of aesthetic lifestyle is wanted to live. I worked my ass off, Every day, Workout eat rest repeat!
Then there is people who judge you based on how you look that single day and don’t even know how many hours you spend on your body.

That’s exactly the way I DID NOT WANT to live the aesthetic lifestyle! My main goal is to inspire as much people out there as I can and being a good example for it by looking awesome and feeling awesome year round. Live the LIFE you want and let me help you to reach your aesthetic physique!


  • Diet to follow year round for your exact bodyweight
  • Full Training Plan, sets and reps
  • Supplements Included
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Steve’s Personal Transformations